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Details about our school

Since it’s establishment in 2010, Kamiyama Gakuin Japanese Language School has been training over 400 international students in total.
We value the following three points:

  • Individual study plans for each student
    We offer programs designed to fit each students individual needs. Apart from the Japanese language, we also teach skills that are required for daily life in Japan and offer career guidance.
  • International Exchange
    Students at our school are from many parts of the world. This offers a unique opportunity to make friends all over the world.
  • Communication Skills
    It is very important to be able to express and exchange your views by communicating with others. Our staff and your classmates will offer a unique environment where you can practice communicating in the Japanese language.

WHat we stand for

School Policy

The internationalization of the world in the past 20 years has made understanding of other cultures and languages more important than ever before. We at Kamiyama Gakuin Japanese Language School see the importance of this and work to shape the future by training our students to think globally and communicate with people from all over the world. We train our students not only to be able to master the Japanese language, but also to get a better sense of responsibility, autonomy and critical thinking.

Our Goals
1. Create an international environment by encouraging institutionalization of our school.
2. Help students develop themselves so they can become human resources who can take responsibility for their country in the future.
3. Have our students learn critical thinking.
4. Have our students acquire a high sense of responsibility.

We do not only aim to provide high quality Japanese language education, but also to develop human resources with the necessary thinking skills.
In addition, not only the students but also our staff will develop an international outlook and promote mutual understanding at a higher level.
Furthermore, we value human relations after graduation.

About our location

School Information


地下鉄名城線 栄駅、矢場町駅 徒歩5分

  • TEL   052-242-0979
  • FAX   052-262-5036

About our students


Destinations after graduation

Most students enter a higher education institution in Japan after graduating with us.
Destinations include:

(Master/Phd/Research programs)
Nagoya University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Okayama University, Aichi Prefectural University, Nagoya City University, Nanzan University, Nagoya University of Foreign Language, Shubu University, Aichi Institute of Technology, Nagoya University of the Arts, Nogaya Zokei University
(Bachelor programs)
Nagoya University, Nagoya City University, Meiji University, Aichi University, Meijo University, Kindai University, Aichi Gakuin University
Vocational SchoolsNagoya Mode Gakuen, Nissan Aichi Automobile College, Nagoya Kanko College, Nagoya Management and Administation College

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