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School NameKamiyama Gakuin Japanese Language School
FounderChuto Co.,Ltd.
EstablishedApril 2010
RepresentativeShinji Kamiyama
AddressSakae 4-16-29, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0008, JAPAN
Business OutlineJapanese language education, academic career counseling,
real estate leasing, rental meeting rooms

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Principal Shinji Kamiyama

1996Graduated from the Faculty of System Agriculture, University of Western Sydney
2010Appointed as Vice Principal of Kamiyama Gakuin Japanese Language School
2015Became Principal of Kamiyama Gakuin Japanese Language School

What truly defines a successful study abroad experience in Japan? Many might measure it by academic metrics, such as achieving good results in exams, acquiring degrees, or by professional achievements like getting a job or starting a business. Of course, these are all valid interpretations of success.

However, I believe that true success comes from being recognized and accepted into Japanese society during your studies, just as a Japanese national would be. By doing so, you will gain a better understanding of, and may even find yourself falling in love with, the land and culture of Japan.

While Japanese language proficiency is certainly a critical aspect of your journey in Japan, the way the language is utilized is most important. I hope all international students will use the Japanese language as a tool to broaden their horizons, enrich their lives, and make more friends from all over the world. As you navigate this path, our team is fully committed to providing support for everyone’s success.

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School Policy

Our Goals
1. Create an international environment by encouraging institutionalization of our school.
2. Help students develop themselves so they can become human resources who can take responsibility for their country in the future.
3. Have our students learn critical thinking.
4. Have our students acquire a high sense of responsibility.

We do not only aim to provide high quality Japanese language education, but also to develop human resources with the necessary thinking skills.
In addition, not only the students but also our staff will develop an international outlook and promote mutual understanding at a higher level.
Furthermore, we value human relations after graduation.